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Antibacterial Prepainted Steel Coil

Substrates by Own-state steel company



Antibacterial Prepainted Steel Coil


Substrates by Own-state steel company

Akzo Nobel anti-bacterial paints

Technical conditions

-Hot-dip galvanized Z100(+)/GIZ100(+)

-Aluminium zinc plating AZ80(+)/GLAZ80(+)

-Front side film thickness:5+15u/Upside:5+15u


Product description

It can effectively inhibit many kinds of bacteria and molds, including E. coli and Staphylococcus chromogenes, which cause food spoilage.

Product characteristics

Efficient sterilization, the sterilization effect will not decrease with surface cleaning and will be effective for the life of the paint film.

Unique index

Choose state-owned enterprise substrate, the substrate is treated with furring, international leading board surface fineness and flatness.

-Tested by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the antibacterial grade reaches the highest standard.

-Customized yield strength and plate hardness for clean industry, easier processing and more beautiful plate shape.

-Specialized matte gloss, color difference is easier to control

Test report



Antibacterial test results

-Report No.:LHKJ-2007-06-1/1

-Testing basis:JISZ2801:2012 "Testing and evaluation of antimicrobial performance of antimicrobial products

-Bacteria used for testing: Escherichia coli ATCC25922

StaphylococcusaureusATCC6538pPseudomonas aeruginosaAS12031

-Test CenterofAntimicrobial Materials, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Technical Institute of Physics and ChemistryChinese Academy of Sciences

Suggested Use

-Hospital wards, operating rooms, blood donation houses, clean rooms, sterile workshops, and panels for kitchen and bathroom appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and range hoods.


◆ Annual output 640,000 tons
◆  Quality assurance 10 years
 20 + years of experience in the steel industry
◆ CNAS National Laboratory


Real experimental data:

Test requirements: 5% acid ≥ 8H 5% alkali ≥ 24H salt spray ≥ 500H UVA-340 ≥ 1000H T bend ≤ 3T MEK ≥ 80 times
SCZM substrate AZ80 substrate and front 5 + 15μm film thickness.

The beauty of silk: Aksu crimson acid-resistant state for 10 hours


Beauty of Silk: Aksu White Acid Resistance Test 10 Hours State Light


The beauty of silk: white gray alkali resistance test 105 hours state


The beauty of silk: sea blue alkali resistance test 105 hours state


Beauty of Silk: Sea Blue UVA Test 1380 Hours State


The beauty of silk: white gray UVA test 1380 hours state


The beauty of silk: white gray acid resistance test 12 hours state


The beauty of silk: sea blue acid resistance test 12 hours state


Packing & Transportation

Packing Details: wooden boxes package, pvc package and other standard seaworthy package.
Transportation: Sea transportation, railway transportation, etc


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