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Animal Husbandry Prepainted Steel Coil

Using hot dipped galvanized steel coil, the weight of zinc layer is Z275 275g/m2 on both sides according to GB/2518-2008).



Animal Husbandry Prepainted Steel Coil


Standard specification
Using hot dipped galvanized steel coil, the weight of zinc layer is Z275 275g/m2 on both sides according to GB/2518-2008).
Using hot dipped 55% aluminum zinc steel coil, layer weight according to GB/T14978-2008 is ZAM150 (150g/m2 on both sides)
Use double coating and double baking coating process system.
Surface treatment: RC300 surface treatment agent is used to form a layer of dense and corrosion-resistant chemical skin on the surface of the coating.
Frontal primer: Acid-resistant polyurethane primer with modified polyester resin as the main film-forming material and polyurethane resin as the curing agent, which has excellent adhesion, excellent rust resistance and film thickness of 6-8um.
Top coat: High corrosion resistant PE is used to improve the processing performance and aging performance of the final product to ensure the integrity of the paint film, no peeling, dry film thickness of 18-20um.
Back paint: back acid primer is a special acid and alkali resistant chemical product with ultra-high molecular weight pure epoxy tree as the main film-forming material; back paint acid resistant gray and white surface.
Can ensure that the coating in the acidic environment has a high resistance, dry film thickness of 12um

Product performance
pencil hardness:H-3H(according to GBT13448-2006);-bending test:≤3T;-MK resistance test:≥100.

Accelerated corrosion and weathering resistance test
* salt spray resistance test:≥2000 hours, no rust spots and obvious discoloration blistering (GB13448-20061);- double-sided attached acid and alkali test; GBT13448-2006);* acid resistance 5% HCL:diffuse bubble 120 hours without bubbles;- alkali resistance 5% NaOH:diffuse bubble 120 hours without bubbles.
Top coat UV aging test: ≥ 2000 hours, color difference ≤ 6 gloss retention rate of 50% no rust, blistering, cracking no chalking (GB/T13448-2006)

Product introduction
Animal husbandry series color coated plate is called high resistance to chemical penetration and corrosion coating, the function is developed for the front and back coating of color coated plate as a whole, the coating is specially developed for color coated plate (galvanized color coated, aluminized zinc color coated, aluminum magnesium manganese color coated plate) in the non-daily environment with acid, alkali, salt water and other corrosive chemicals, high and
The chemical coating also has super chemical resistant PLUS reinforced version, with the help of 10% nano particles in the coating and hot melt self-healing material, the coating can ensure a greater increase in service life in corrosive environments, compared to the domestic high-end color coated panels that can rust through in 4-6 years; high corrosion resistant coated panels fill the gap in the domestic color plate industry: under normal atmospheric conditions, 20 years of quality assurance is provided for such products.

Recommended use
Silk Beauty" livestock series is specially suitable for livestock and poultry breeding industry with strong corrosive environment. Given the excellent corrosion resistance and
We recommend that you also consider using this product line for industries such as grain storage and vegetable farming because of its excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.


◆ Annual output 640,000 tons
◆  Quality assurance 10 years
 20 + years of experience in the steel industry
◆ CNAS National Laboratory


Real experimental data:

Test requirements: 5% acid ≥ 8H 5% alkali ≥ 24H salt spray ≥ 500H UVA-340 ≥ 1000H T bend ≤ 3T MEK ≥ 80 times
SCZM substrate AZ80 substrate and front 5 + 15μm film thickness.

The beauty of silk: Aksu crimson acid-resistant state for 10 hours


Beauty of Silk: Aksu White Acid Resistance Test 10 Hours State Light


The beauty of silk: white gray alkali resistance test 105 hours state


The beauty of silk: sea blue alkali resistance test 105 hours state


Beauty of Silk: Sea Blue UVA Test 1380 Hours State


The beauty of silk: white gray UVA test 1380 hours state


The beauty of silk: white gray acid resistance test 12 hours state


The beauty of silk: sea blue acid resistance test 12 hours state


Packing & Transportation

Packing Details: wooden boxes package, pvc package and other standard seaworthy package.
Transportation: Sea transportation, railway transportation, etc


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